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  • Can You Use An Industrial Air Compressor To Fill Your Paintball Gun?

    21 April 2016

    Air compressors have a wide range of uses, from inflating the tires on your truck to powering a jackhammer. This means there are also many different types of air compressors. So when it comes to filling your paintball gun, you may be left scratching your head. If you have ever wondered if an industrial air compressor can be used for your paintball gun, keep reading. Paintball guns, known as a paintball marker in the field, require high-pressure air or carbon dioxide to propel plastic paint-filled balls through the air.

  • Temporary Heating Options For Your Health Care Facility

    4 August 2015

    If you manage a large facility that requires comfort heating, such as a hospital or nursing home, failure of your heating system could be a potential health risk. It's important to understand what your options are for providing temporary heating while your main heating system is being repaired or replaced, or for times when your current heating system is unable to keep up with the demands Old Man Winter places on it.