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Knife Sharpening 101: Why You Need To Keep Your Knives Sharp

by Jared De Hooge

Most people understand that a sharp knife cuts more effectively than a dull knife, but when a knife dulls gradually, sometimes it's hard to notice it until it becomes a significant issue. Unfortunately, many people don't truly understand the significance of keeping their knives sharp. When you know why knives should stay sharp, you can understand the importance of investing in the right knife sharpening system. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you should keep your knives as sharp as possible.

Safety First

Many people think of a dull knife as a safer knife because it's harder to accidentally cut yourself on the blade. The fact is that the safest knife is actually a sharp one. The sharper your knife blade, the less effort you have to put into the cut. That means you are less likely to have the knife slip around, which is one of the things that can increase your risk of injury. 

In addition, since you have to work harder to cut with a dull blade, you are more likely to lose focus on where your fingers are, which makes you more likely to cut yourself. Keep your blades sharp so that you don't risk unnecessary injuries or accidents.

Preserved Lifespan

Another reason to keep your knives sharp is that it helps them to last longer. If you're cutting with dull knives, you're likely sawing at things and putting way more pressure behind the knife than you should have to. This can strain the knife handle and the blade connection, putting you at risk of a broken knife. Not to mention, the excess effort and pressure can also result in chips, grooves, or cracks on the knife blade, all of which will shorten its lifespan and can disrupt the bevel of the knife edge for future sharpening.

Easier Food Preparation

When you keep your knives sharp, they will cut through food faster and more effectively. That means that you'll have your food preparation done in a fraction of the time it could take with a dull blade and you'll get a better final product out of the process. If you enjoy cooking, keeping your knives sharp will help ensure that you continue to do so.

These are just a few of the many reasons why it's important to keep your knives as sharp as possible. Choose a knife sharpening system that is designed for the types of knives you own so that you preserve the beveled edge for as long as possible. 

For more information, contact a local company that has knife sharpening systems for sale.