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Being Efficient With Your Home's Heating Oil

by Jared De Hooge

Efficiency is important with any type of heating system, and this is particularly true for those that use heating oil. In addition to the costs of this fuel, individuals with heating oil systems will need to arrange for fuel to be delivered to them. To maximize efficiency and convenience, there are some mistakes to avoid.

Failing To Monitor The Rate That The Heating Oil Is Being Used

Homeowners that rely on heating oil should make an effort to monitor the rate at which their system uses heating oil. This can be useful for identifying problems with the system before they lead to major malfunctions. Unfortunately, individuals may assume that this will be extremely difficult to do as a result of the fact that the heating system may need to use far more fuel during times when the weather is extremely cold. Tracking the energy costs for each month can make it possible to compare any given month to the previous several years so that you can assess whether the system appears to be using fuel at a higher rate. For those that use the same heating oil company over this period, it will be easy to review previous fuel costs to get an accurate idea as to their average fuel use for any given month.

Using A Heating Oil Storage Tank That Is Too Small For Your Needs

The size of the heating oil tank that stores your home's fuel is an important consideration that will determine the frequency of when it will need to be refilled. For those that live in rural or otherwise isolated areas, it can often be worth the added expense of upgrading to a larger fuel tank. In addition to reducing the costs that the homeowner will pay in fuel delivery fees, this can also minimize the risk of being unable to have fuel delivered following a major winter storm or other natural disasters.

Not Shopping Around When Choosing A Heating Oil Company

Reducing the costs that you pay for heating oil can be a step that lowers heating costs without forcing you to keep the home's interior cooler. However, people may fail to regularly shop around when looking for a heating oil company. In addition to looking at the direct price that they are charging for heating oil, you may also want to review the delivery fees and even whether they provide the option to prepay for fuel when the price of heating oil is lower than normal.

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