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3 Types Of Industrial Warehouse Doors

by Jared De Hooge

The doors that you choose to install in your warehouse are essential. The doors you install in your warehouse play many important roles. They help to secure access to your business. They can play a role in climate control for your building. They often serve as the transfer point where items are moved in and out of your warehouse, which is why the type of industrial doors you choose for your set-up is so important.

Type #1: High-Speed Doors

One option is a high-speed door. A high-speed door is one that is specifically designed to open and close rapidly. This is important if you want to keep your warehouse climate-controlled and sealed up, and you want as little outside air coming in as possible. Additionally, a high-speed door can increase security, as you can quickly close the door when you are done loading or unloading product into and out of the warehouse. You can also enjoy increased productivity, as employees are not sitting around waiting for the door to close or open.

High-speed warehouse doors come in numerous styles. You can find high-speed roll-up doors, as well as sectional doors.

Type #2: Fire Doors

Another type of door that you can install is a fire door. This is a special type of door that is designed to close when the fire alarm system is activated. The point of a fire door is that it will help stop the spread of smoke and flames from a fire. It is made from heat-resistant material so that it can withstand a fire for a long enough time to allow for a proper emergency response to contain the fire. These doors are typically left open, except when activated for fire protection purposes.

Type #3: Roll-Up Doors

Another style of industrial door is a roll-up door. They are generally made from either steel or aluminum. They contain small sections with narrow joints. They are designed so that the door opens, folds upon itself, and creates a tight coil right above the door. It doesn't require that much overhead space, as it doesn't need a whole track for the structure like most sectional roll-up doors.

They are great for adjusting the height of the door if you only want it open partway. They are also great for climate control purposes, as they provide a tight seal when closed.

When constructing or modifying your warehouse, you want to choose easy and safe doors to use and will help you achieve other goals, such as climate control, within your warehouse. You may need various types of warehouse doors throughout your warehouse.