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The Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting

by Jared De Hooge

When it comes to machine tooling, there are a variety of different ways to cut through materials. Many of these methods use sharp blades, drills, or even sources of heat. But today, one particular cutting method that is growing in popularity is water jet cutting. Why is an abrasive water jet something you should consider for your own cutting or machine tooling tasks? Here are some of the benefits your company might stand to gain from reaching out to a firm that provides waterjet cutting services.

Finish With a Smooth Edge That Doesn't Require Additional Finishing

When you cut through metal or another material with a blade or even heat, it can leave the edge a bit jagged or rough. This means that your employees with then have to take the freshly cut materials and perform some finishing work in order to get the edge as smooth as possible before you can move forward with the production process. But this is not a problem with waterjet cutting. The water jet leaves the edge smooth and clean meaning that your workers won't have to do any additional finishing when the materials come back from the waterjet cutting service.

Don't Waste Any Materials Because of Deforming

There's another issue besides just rough edges that can be caused by machine tooling that uses heat or pressure to get the job done, and that's a deformed material. Heat distortion can cause the material to be deformed or too hard after it cools off. You might end up with cut materials that will not pass your quality control and need to be thrown out or recycled. With water jet cutting, this deformity or distortion simply will not happen. Cold cutting is precise and allows you to move on to the next cut without much fuss.

Cut Through Anything Thick or Thin Without Switching Out Tools

Waterjet cutting is also incredibly versatile in that it can cut both thin and thick materials with a simple adjustment to the power of the jet. Contrast this with other types of machine tooling where you might need to shut down production to physically switch out the drill or blade for a different part. With waterjet cutting, you can cut through all of your materials both thick and thin more efficiently and with less downtime.

Waterjet cutting offers a number of benefits over other machine tooling methods including fewer wasted materials and less finishing work for your employees. Contact a waterjet cutting services company today to get started.