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Ensure Your Boiler Emergency Plan Has These Elements

by Jared De Hooge

Do you have a boiler in your business? If so, you need to take a moment to consider how you would handle a boiler emergency. Perhaps you have a plan in place, but it is important to consider whether it will protect your business and employees under all circumstances. Some businesses only have plans in place that will protect them in specific emergencies. The following are a few points to keep in mind as you review your existing boiler emergency plan or create one.

Evacuation Plan

In the event of an emergency, it is possible that your employees will need to exit the building. It is extremely important that employees know the planned exit route in advance. If you have a large facility, it is possible that there will be several evacuation routes. Each employee should know theirs, and they should also understand the seriousness of a boiler emergency. It is beneficial to have practice drills to ensure that your employees will know how to respond to this type of emergency.

Emergency Shutdown

The last thing you want to happen is an emergency that employees do not know how to respond to. The boiler in your facility will likely need to get shut down during an emergency. However, if the boiler is not shut down properly, it can result in boiler damage. During an emergency, there is likely to be some type of boiler damage. The damages can be more severe if the boiler is not shut down properly. It is helpful to go through practice drills with employees who will be responsible for shutting down boilers. 

Lockout/Tagout Plan

Your lockout tagout plan should involve tagging malfunctioned boilers. The employees who are trained to shut down boilers need to be trained on how to properly tag machines. This ensures that no one else tries to restart the boiler until it is repaired. Restarting a broken boiler is dangerous. It could also damage the boiler.

Fuel Back-up

Natural gas is a common fuel source for boilers. However, it is possible for there to be a fuel line issue, but the boiler may be in working condition. You can prepare for this type of emergency by having propane available as an alternative fuel until the fuel line issue is resolved.

A boiler services company is a good resource to use to learn more ways to prepare for a boiler emergency. They can also assist with boiler installations if it is time to upgrade your boiler. Sometimes boilers malfunction due to owners not getting them serviced in a timely manner. The professionals can also service your boiler to ensure that it runs efficiently.