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Working On Some Tough Concrete Materials? Contact A Tungsten Supplier To Make Your Own Bits

by Jared De Hooge

Drilling through concrete is a major pain that can cost you multiple drill bits during a job. However, metal like tungsten creates a durable and reliable bit that will tear through concrete with no difficultly. Thankfully, you can find tungsten from a supplier and have them ship it to you. In this way, you can experiment with building your own bits.

Tungsten Is Considered An Excellent Drill Metal

Tungsten is one of the hardest metals on the planet and is capable of creating excellent drill bits. Many professionals coat their bits in tungsten to create a sharper and more resilient surface. Others craft entire bits out of tungsten and use them to craft powerful bits that will last for a long time.

They are particularly common in concrete construction because they can cut through blocks without difficulty. Just as importantly, they cut through blocks without wearing down and forcing you to replace the bit. As a result, it is smart to know how a tungsten supplier can help you craft your own tungsten bits.

How Tungsten Suppliers Can Help 

High-quality tungsten is available from many providers who will ship it directly to your facility. Once you get this tungsten, you can use it to craft hard-core tungsten drill bits that work their way through concrete without much difficulty. It will require a rather complex process of melting the tungsten and dipping the bits in it to let it dry on the surface. However, it can by many metalworkers and at a reasonable price.

Even The Price Is Reasonable

After you have found a tungsten supplier near you, it is wise to create a shipment of this metal to your shop. You probably aren't going to need much to create high-quality drill bits. Most people should be able to use a pound of tungsten to melt tungsten and coat their drill bits. Thankfully, the cost of this metal is usually stable at around $20 per pound.

The actual price of the process will vary depending on the bit that you alter. Certain bits are going to cost more than others and require a careful and detailed approach. For example, you may need to dip the bit slowly in liquidized tungsten and let it dry slowly. Make sure that you utilize somebody who is comfortable with these procedures to ensure the bits are coated properly.

Coating all of your concrete tools in tungsten might be wise if you want them to last longer. However, some may not react well, so it is best to talk to the supplier first before making a decision like that.