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Choosing A Commercial Paint Sprayer

by Jared De Hooge

If you run a painting business and are ready to take your business to the next level, then it is time to get a paint sprayer. With the right commercial sprayer, you can set down your brush and finish the job in less than half the time. This leads to happy customers and also allows you to fit more homes into your schedule. So, what should you look for in a commercial paint sprayer that will turn your whole business around? Here are three factors to consider as you make your selection.

How large are your projects?

If you only do home interiors and tend to spray a room at a time, then you may only need a basic cup sprayer. This type of system allows you to just pour the paint into the top, which is shaped like a cup. Cup sprayers are very easy to handle, they're very safe, and they are inexpensive when compared to other options. However, they do not operate at as high of a pressure, so they will take a long time to spray a big space, such as the exterior of a home. If you do spray home exteriors or the insides of large commercial buildings, you may need a more powerful airless sprayer or a diaphragm pump.

Do you need to spray thicker paint?

A cup sprayer can handle thinner paint, stains, and finishes. But if you need to spray heavier paints, you may want to choose a diaphragm pump. These systems can handle the heaviest paints without you having to thin them. They're pretty easy to disassemble and clean, too, so you can spray multiple colors in the same day without a huge break in between.

Are you very careful with safety?

A powerful, airless sprayer can be quite the asset and can allow you to fly through paint jobs in minutes. However, these systems are more dangerous than others because the paint is under so much pressure. If you accidentally spray your skin, you may inject paint under your skin, which can be very dangerous. If you are known to be a bit clumsy or if you have workers who are not overly careful, lean towards other types of sprayers. A diaphragm sprayer is a bit less efficient, but it still covers a large area pretty quickly and won't cause as serious of wounds if you accidentally spray your skin with it.