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What Should You Ask About Pallet Racking Before You Buy A Warehouse?

by Jared De Hooge

If you're in the market for a warehouse to store products and other items for your business, you may plan to have pallets delivered there. Many warehouses already have pallet racking in place, but you need to ensure that the racks are strong enough for your needs and that they meet certain conditions so you're confident that you and your workers won't have any problems with them.

What are the Limits on the Racks?

Of particular importance when considering a warehouse with an existing racking system is whether your products will be too heavy for the racks in place. You might sell small products, but they may be delivered in heavy pallets that need to be stacked; if you have busier seasons than others, the weight might be multiplied. Inquire about the load limits in place for the racks that you see so that it's clear that your products would be well supported without having to make too many changes.

What is Being Done to Protect Racks?

Whether the racks are constructed of steel or lumber, it's vital that you do a serious investigation of the quality of the racks and look for splitting, chinks, corrosion, or other issues. While it's great to see no signs of immediate damage, you also need to be well aware of any measures being taken to prevent further damage. Do the bottom racks have double columns to prevent direct impact from forklifts? Are post-protectors being used? If not, you'll have to factor in costs you'll have to pay to ensure that those measures are taken once you move in.

Is There Room for More Racks?

Even if at first it seems like there is adequate room for more racks if your business should grow, it's wise to measure any empty space to get a better idea of how much you would be able to add. When thinking about the space each new rack would take up, remember to add on a few feet for the forklifts that will need to deliver pallets to each rack and walking room for workers that may need to squeeze in between the racks to find something or take inventory.

These racking questions will give you better insight about whether a particular warehouse will suit your business. Check with pallet racking vendors and manufacturers to see if there is additional information you should be asking about before you commit to purchasing a warehouse in the area. Check out for further information.